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If you need help, enter the forum:http://poke64738.iphpbb3.comYou can do a compatibility check before you are using this app. Please use my new "USB/BT Joystick Center TestApp" in the market.

***** Awesome!

***** Adds SO MUCH Value to USB/BT

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Hint: For this USB/BT Joystick2Touch AddOn "ROOT" is required! This is a "BETA" Version and could contain bugs!


- Mouse & Keyboard Gaming (for FPS Games)

- Joystick->Touch Gaming

- Joystick->Mouse

- Wii-Remote IR Sensor Pointer -> Touch


- Android 3.2 (or newer) *Rooted* Device

- USB/BT Joystick Center Android App:

( http://market.android.com/details?id=com.poke64738.usbjoy )

HINT: I've tested it with *rooted* STOCK ROMS only! If you are using a MODIFIED "CUSTOM" ROM, then maybe it will not work!

This USB/BT AddOn was successfully tested with these Devices:

- Acer A500/501 (Android 4.0.3, 3.2.1, 3.1 Stock Rooted-Rom)

- Archos 101 G9 (Android 4.0.3 Stock Rooted-Rom)

- Asus Transformer Prime TF201 (ICS 4.03 Stock Rooted Rom)

- Motorola Xoom (4.0.4 Stock Rooted Rom)

- Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus (3.2 Stock Rooted-Rom)

- Sony Xperia Play (4.0.3 Stock Rooted Rom)

- Toshiba Thrive (Android 3.2.1 Stock Rooted-Rom)


The wait is over. In September 2011 I had the idea for the touch emulation with my USB Joystick Center, and now after 5 months here it is. With this USB/BT AddOn + USB/BT Joystick Center you play Touch-Control only games or IME Limited Games. I've also played some N64 Emulators with the Analog-Stick (Mario 64) successfully.

Also you can use USB and Bluetooth Keyboard/Mouse to control Touch-Points on your Device.

And Now: with "Wii-Remote IR Sensor" support. With this you can control your Device with a Wii-Remote pointer on your touchscreen.

Hint: Please use in Modern Combat 3 for the movement a "fixed" AnalogStick in the game (take a look in the game options). In other games it can fix issues, too.

For a BETTER Analog-Stick Feeling you have to reduce the "Deadzone" of your Joystick in the USB/BT Joystick Center a little bit. But set it not to low, because maybe this will block the EDIT-Mode ADD/SWITCH/DEL function.

How to use it:

Please read the Help-Site in the AddOn App.

This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft Corporation, its affiliates or subsidiaries. All trademarks are property of their respective holders.

Market: 360 xbox vcs 2600 emulator c64 frodo amiga fpse playstation sixaxis modern combat nintendo 64 N64 n64oid super mario asus transformer prime wii games psp nes snes uae atari msx gbc sega coleco tg16 bluez ime gameboy genesis mega drive duke nukem 3d doom quake onlive shadowgun multiplayer gta3 samurai vengeance riptide gp reckless mupen plus 64 dead space guerrilla bob backstab nova 3 asphalt nova grand theft auto gamekeyboard minecraft fifa need for speed gangstar rio 9mm asphalt rtype temple run dark meadow

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